Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 8.12.22 PMHello! Thank you for stopping by and checking out some of my recipes.

My name is Mia, a Filipina, mom of four, and wife to a very hardworking Russian guy. I’m originally from Cebu, Philippines and currently living in Sacramento, California since 2008.

This blog is my creative outlet and also a place to put together recipes I learned over the years into one website. I do not have professional culinary training, rather I’m just an ordinary gal with a keen interest in food and cooking. I derive most of my inspirations from my mom who is a natural-born cook, family and friends who can “actually” cook, and from my favorite celebrity chefs.

Growing up, I’ve always known my mom to have a knack for creating tasty dishes even with limited ingredients, and she enjoys what she does. Because of her skills, she was often hired to cook for a crowd during fiestas and other celebrations in Philippines such as weddings, birthdays, baptismal, and other large parties. The thing that amazes me most is her ability to cook every part of a butchered animal (e.g. pig) and turn them into a palatable meal. That feat I will attempt to do one day, hopefully.

I grew up eating home-cooked foods, thanks to Mama! I believe I can emulate her example and pass on to my own children the experience of eating healthy, freshly prepared meals, enjoyed with the rest of the family. That’s why I am continuously improving my kitchen skills and knowledge. Since I got married, I cook meals everyday for the family and also every time there’s a party. Fortunately, I married a man who also enjoys cooking and eating homemade dishes. He’s Russian, I’m Filipino. We brought in an interesting mix of cultural influences into our cooking.

Here you will find a collection of Filipino and Russian recipes that I learn from both sides of the family, and everything in between. Some are inspired from others and tweaked to make them my own.I present my recipes in an easy step by step format with photos to help newbie cooks learn better. Some recipes are my own creation and discovery.I really enjoy coming up with ideas for making a particular dish, and sharing them because it is such a fulfilling experience.

A little background about myself…I am a polio survivor since I was a  baby. My legs are weak and paralyzed. Since the age of 5, I’ve been using crutches in walking. Many people not familiar with polio always assume that I had an accident, which I always welcome with a smile. With the help of my parents and many kind people I met through life, I was able to go to school and finished a Bachelor’s degree. Growing up different and in an environment and culture where having a handicap isn’t widely understood and accepted, I struggled and fought hard to be treated with dignity and respect. I’ve come a long way and I thank God for giving me the strength and wisdom to make life choices that led me to where I am today. I am happily married with 4 adorable young children and a husband who loves and accepts me as I am. My family keeps me grounded and is the reason why I’m working hard everyday to become a better person. Discovering my passion for cooking brings me joy and inspiration. It has pointed me to a place inside  myself that tells me that when it comes to food “we are all equal”. Equal in the sense that everybody can enjoy and eat and get nourishment from the food we put in our body regardless of our race and background. Cooking is both a science and an art–a form of expression that anyone can truly enjoy. I believe in the saying “anyone can cook”, as I have proven to myself and to everyone who believes. Despite my physical limitations, I dared to conquer any tasks in the kitchen, preparing meals for my family and sharing with others simple and delicious recipes, so they too can learn, discover, and eat meals that they personally make. 🙂

All content in this blog including photographs are owned by me and should not be copied/reposted without my permission. If you wish to use my recipes and photos, I allow it only when you link it back to the original post. For any other questions, please leave a comment or send me a message through the contact form below.

So welcome and enjoy!

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